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This Lamaze based childbirth preparation class focuses on birth as a NORMAL event. Be EMPOWERED, understand your choices and build confidence for this life changing event.
Topics covered:
  • Identifying expectations, fears and belief systems about birth and providing tools to change those not conducive to a positive birth experience.
  • Nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. Prenatal health and resources
  • What ACTUALLY happens during labour and birth
  • Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices
  • Common labour diagnostics and interventions and their risk benefit ratio
  • Finding your balance! Accepting responsibility and taking an active role in birth. How improved decision making can lead to a more positive birth experience as YOU define it.
  • The importance of your Partner & or Support Person and how they can best SUPPORT you.
  • Choosing a birth place where you feel SAFE and a birth team that respects YOUR nphilosophy.
  • Cultural beliefs about pain and the FEAR PAIN CYCLE
  • Pain relief and comfort during labour - medical and natural
  • The power of the mind during labour. Working with your body not against it.
  • Optimal Fetal positioning and how you can be proactive.
  • Vaginal Births after Caesarean and Caesarean Births
  • Breastfeeding, newborn care and the postpartum period.
Partners and or Support Person's WELCOME! Hospital tour included!

Contact Emma for future dates, information and registration.

Ph: 250.550.6195

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